Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Treats Mani!

Hello lovelies!

I had to share some pictures of a mani I did for the Californails #nailartjul challenge. The theme was Frozen Treats and since I love frozen treats, I had to bang out this cutesy, cartoony, delicious design! Please vote for this design on Nail Polish Canada's website: www.nailpolishcanada.com/summer-nail-art-challenge-signup/

I started with a gradient of Bonita Colors polishes: Pear Me Up (green), Juvia (blue), and Creaaamson (yellow) then topped it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust.
I used acrylic paint and a thin brush to add my yummy treats.
We've got a delicious sundae, soft serve ice cream cone, an orange creamsicle, and a refreshing sno-cone.
Yumyumyummy! Do they make you want something cool and sweet??

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Fall In Love and Lanterns

Hey loves!

I cannot believe July is almost over! It makes me so sad to know that the end of summer is near. On the bright side, the colours of Summer are eternal in fun nail polishes by Rainbow Honey. I have 2 more pretty polishes from the Summer Mixtape collection to show you today, Fall In Love and Lanterns. Rainbow Honey polishes are developed in New Jersey, USA and are vegan friendly and cruelty free. More info on Rainbow Honey can be found on their webpage: www.rainbowhoney.com

Fall In Love is sassy fuschia red with blue shimmer to give it an iridescent glow.

This went on very opaque and was perfect in 2 coats. 
It's so bright and eye catching!
The name inspired me to add some hearts as an accent.

You will fall in love with Rainbow Honey's Fall In Love.

Next up is a glitter topper called Lanterns, a clear based polish with different pastel and iridescent glitter. 

It's such a pretty glitter! So delicate and cute with the pastel glitter.
I didn't top the mani with a top coat so the glitter doesn't look completely flat. I would use a glossy top coat to make the glitters more flush with the polish.

Rainbow Honey is a creative brand with a wide variety of products from glitter polishes to creme polishes to cuticle balms and perfume rollers. They are innovative in their ideas and I'm amazed with every collection. Thumbs up from me!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Waves

Hello lovebugs!

In the recent package I received from Rainbow Honey, I got a sneak peek at the Summer Mixtape collection. I have 3 colours from the 12 colour collection to show you and they are awesome!  

The ones I'll be showing you are: Lanterns, Fall In Love, and Waves.

The first I'll share is Waves, a turquoise green sparkly polish with gold shimmer.
Here is one coat of the beauty
And now 2 coats:
And finally 3 coats:
It's so metallic and unique with the gold shimmer! Because it reminds me of the ocean with it's name and colour, I painted some fish scales/mermaid scales on top.
Rainbow Honey won me over with last year's Summer of 199X collection and this year's Summer Mixtape is another winner. The colours are bright and the glitter bombs are unique and sparkly! Information on how to purchase your Summer Mixtape can be found on their website www.rainbowhoney.com!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag!

Hello loves!!

So sorry for the lack of posts recently. I had wisdom teeth surgery and wasn't feeling the greatest (my face was full on Fat Face Fred! So swollen!!), but thankfully after a week, I'm back to normal so that means, back to my painting mode!

The other day I received a surprise package from one of my all time favourite independent brands, Rainbow Honey. This US based company combines a cute combination of glitters with pretty base colours. More information on Rainbow Honey can be found on their webpage: www.rainbowhoney.com. I fell in love with them a year and half ago when I discovered shaped glitter. They were the first ones I saw with adorable hearts. I ordered my first polishes from them and have loved them since. Their packaging is adorable with individual boxes for their full sized polishes. 

They started selling monthly mystery bags featuring customer favorites and sneak peeks at yet to be released items. They not only make polishes but also cuticle balms, cooling gels, and perfumes! 
July's mystery bag is full of beautifully smelling items and cute glitter polishes!
The cooling gel, perfume roller ball and cuticle balm are scented with Rainbow Honey's Midori, a sweet smelling fragrance with hints of honey dew and cucumber. So yummy!! 
The cuticle balm is in a handy lip balm shape. It's perfect for moisturizing on the go. It absorbs into the skin well and leaves that light scent behind. This is a product that I would definitely purchase.
The cooling gel provides a refreshing burst of a cooling sensation while leaving your hands smelling so delicious!
The polishes included in July's mystery box are 3 glitter polishes that are each very unique.
Viridis is a clear based glitter polish, with neon green stars, light blue circles and a mix of green and iridescent square and hex glitter. Here I swatched over bare nails and over a light green base. This mix of glitter is super cute!!
Chemical Plant is a densely packed Rose gold polish with so much micro glitter that it becomes opaque after 3 layers.
So sparkly and pretty!!
The last glitter polish in the bag is Deep Heart Sea and it is a blue jelly polish full of multicolored hex and square glitter and  adorable white hearts.
What an awesome mix of glitters!! So fun and I love that it looks like the glitters are floating in the deep blue sea.

The mystery bags can be purchased for $10 (mini which is reviewed here) or $25 (full sized) OR as a free gift on any purchase over $65! Awesome right?! Rainbow Honey continues to impress me with their innovative products and creative glitter mixes. Visit their website for more details!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Luxe Lacquers Mila

Hello again!

It's not usual for me to post 2 times in one day but I'm off work today, recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, which I must say is not pleasant, so I had some extra time to write up this post.

I have the last of 4 shades from Luxe Lacquers July collection to show you. Mila is a metallic royal purple which is so shiny and pretty!

I gotta say when I first saw swatches of this, I knew I needed it in my life too. Application was great and could've even been complete with just one coat.
Great shine and a great colour, Mila is the perfect purple!
It has a foil like appearance and is unique from any other colour in the collection. I had to add some cute metallic studs to match.
The four colours in July's subscription box are bright, fun, and ideal for the summer. Luxe Lacquers are high quality polishes that apply easily and long lasting. Visit their website for more details!