Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello Beauties!!
This is my first post in my new blog. I'm an amateur nail artist. You may have already seen some of my work on my Instagram page: @Shaystylista. I haven't had any professional training but I've developed a passion for nail art over the past couple of years. I'll be posting tutorials, reviews, and my nail art here. Let me know if there's any specific topic you'd like to see.
My first post is a picture of my naked nails. I've been using Nailtiques Formula 2 since April 2013 and it has made such a difference to my nails. I used to suffer from very weak nails that would chip and flake easily. Nailtiques contains keratin and helps to strengthen your natural nail. I use it as my base coat for any manicure I do now. I have read that once you see changes in your nails, you can switch to Formula 1 which helps healthy nails be strong yet flexible. I'm gonna give Formula 1 a try and let you know how it goes!
Here's my before picture:
After 2 weeks of using OPI Nail Envy, I didn't see much difference.
So I switched to Nailtiques and this is how much of a difference it made. This photo was taken around the end of May. 
I highly recommend it and am so happy with how much my nails have changed from using it. Give it a shot! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Do You Know Who My Father Is

Happy Friday lovelies!

This is Canada Day long weekend and I'm excited for a few days off of work because I'll be able to do some nail art and get some tutorials filmed!

Today I have the fourth colour from this set of shades sent to me by Trust Fund Beauty to show you, Do You Know Who My Father Is.
This creamy pink is perfectly opaque in 2 thin coats. 
This is an ideal shade of pink because it is opaque, easy to apply, and not too bright. It's wearable for work and fun!
I paired this pink with a funky chevron colour block design which I have a tutorial for on my Instagram.
This is my favourite mani done with the gorgeous polishes from Trust Fund Beauty. This Canadian based company is quickly becoming one of my favourites. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and non-toxic. Visit their website for more details!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Blow

Happy day before the day before the weekend!

In my opinion, the perfect colour for Summer is white. It is so bright, crisp, and clean and after cold dark winter days, it's a welcome change.

So fitting is this third colour from Trust Fund Beauty The Hamptons collection. Today's feature is on Blow, a perfect white jelly.

Blow is an off white jelly polish that takes a couple of coats to become opaque.

This first picture is of 2 coats with no top coat. You can see that it is not fully opaque but still very pretty just like this.

I love how the nail peeks through!
In this next picture, I added a third layer of polish to make it fully opaque.

This is so pretty and would make a cool jelly sandwich if I layered some glitter polish in between.

I paired it with a fashion forward design called the spun sugar technique. It reminds of Missoni knitted dresses!
Blow is gorgeous white polish that is easy to apply and very versatile. Visit Trust Fund Beauty's website for more information on how to purchase this and other beautiful colours!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Pool Boy Toy

Hello Lovebugs!

Today I have another beauty from Trust Fund Beauty to show you. Trust Fund Beauty is a Canadian based company that combines beautiful colours with sassy names. Visit their website for more details:

Pool Boy Toy is from the upcoming Hamptons Collection. It is a GORGEOUS pastel periwinkle blue with light shimmer. 
It applied so smooth and was opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 with no top coat to show the natural shine.
So, so pretty right??
It has slightly purple undertones.
Here it is pictured over a black background.
I absolutely adore this shade of blue. It is similar to Essie's Bikini So Teeny.
I paired it with a gradient of pink, purple, and blue and topped it with INM Northern Lights.
I have a tutorial on my Instagram for how to do a gradient using a makeup sponge.

Trust Fund Beauty is becoming one of my favourites because of the high quality lacquer and cute branding. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Water Marble Tips

Hey hey!

I promised to do a post with some tips on water marbling so here it is!

Water marbling is a technique that uses regular water and nail polish. You can create marble like patterns from the spreading of the polish on the water's surface.

Items you'll need:
1. Water - I use regular slightly warm tap water. I have seen other tutorials use distilled water and bottled water but I have been able to do it with tap water. If the water is too cold, the polish will set too quickly. If it is too warm, the polish may not spread out.
2. A cup - I used an old shot glass. It's the perfect size for doing one finger at a time. 
3. Newer polishes that are runny - older polishes that have become gloopy may not spread out when dropped into the water. Also, try not to use fast drying polishes because they will also set on the surface quickly.
4. A needle or a toothpick - a needle will give you more precise dragging patterns 
5. Tape - applying tape around your finger and nail bed will help reduce the cleanup of excess polish on your finger
6. Paper towels - to absorb the excess water when you remove your finger from the water
7. Scissors - to cut the tape off your finger when you are finished 
8. Nail polish remover and cotton buds for cleaning up the sides

Here are some pictures from the Instagram video tutorial I posted:
Drop one drop of colour at a time.
You can tap the container or table to help the polishes spread out.
Repeat the pattern of colours a couple of times.
Use the needle to drag the polish from the middle to the top.
Then drag to the bottom
Then drag to the sides
Dip your nail into the pattern that you like.
Use the needle to pull the rest of the excess polish to the side and remove. Remove your finger slowly and dry off excess water with paper towel. Cut the tape off with the scissors.
Use a cotton bud dipped in polish remover to cleanup the sides.
Here's my final product:
Hope these tips help you! It takes a couple of tries to get it right, but you'll become addicted and won't stop until you get the perfect design.

Trust Fund Beauty But...Daddy

Hey loves!

I recently was made aware of an awesome Canadian polish maker called Trust Fund Beauty. I don't know why I didn't know about them before because their polishes have been featured in Nail It magazine and on the website. More info can be found here:

They are an independent Canadian based company, operating out of Montreal, Quebec. Their polishes are vegan friendly and cruelty free and are free of toxins like Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Lead, and Nickel. Their polishes follow fashion trends and have fun and creative names. 

I have 3 colours from their soon-to-be released The Hamptons collection to show you: But...Daddy, Pool Boy Toy, and Blow. The 4th colour is Do You Know Who My Father Is which is from their Heiress collection.

First off, I wanted to show you the fantastic packaging that Trust Fund Beauty uses. All their polishes come in super adorable boxes that have their names labelled on them.
I love when companies take special care to set their products apart from others with unique packaging.
The colour I want to show you first is But...Daddy, a creme lavender purple.
It was absolutely amazing to apply. Sometimes creme polishes can be gloopy, but this was far from it. It dried quickly too! This was 2 coats with no top coat. So shiny!
I am in love with this shade of purple!! It is so pretty and perfect for summer! 
I paired the polish with some pretty water marble using all of the shades sent to me.
I'm Canadian so I am so happy to support fellow Canadians. This brand is making waves with its fun, sassy polishes. Perfect packaging and perfect polish, you go Trust Fund Beauty! You've got a fan in me!