Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LVX Winter Resort 2014 Collection

Hello my loves!

I often get asked what my favourite nail polish brand is and I sometimes will say certain mainstream brands. However, the polish brand that really tops my list is LVX. They are absolutely luscious!!! A complete luxury brand that rivals any expensive couture brand, at a fraction of the cost. 

LVX polishes are non-toxic (5 free), chip resistant, vegan, and cruelty free. I've been able to wear manis done with LVX for an entire week with no chips whatsoever. They are so glossy and rich. The brush is a flat, wider brush, making application much easier. More information about LVX products can be found at:

I have some stunning polishes from their 2014 Winter Resort Collection to share with you today. This collection features the debut of glitter polishes by LVX. The glitter is subtle so the polishes are still the classy, sophisticated LVX lacquers.

The first one up is a sparkly red garnet colour called Magenta. LVX's website describes it as a bold, metallic fuchsia creme. The application was amazing!!! One coat!

Next is Scarlet, a maroon metallic glitter polish. It is a black jelly base full of maroon glitter. This was 3 thin coats with no top coat. So pretty!!

Then we have Avalon, a metallic bronze creme. Such a nice warm brown shade. This is 2 coats, no top coat.
Up next is Sappir, a metallic sapphire creme. This is one of my favourites because I'm partial to sapphire blue things since my birthstone is the sapphire.
This beauty is Graphite, a silver chrome foil polish. This is so pretty! The coverage is amazing!
Last but certainly not least is Caviar, a black polish with silver micro glitter which provides a slightly textured finish when dry. This one is so unique and unlike any other LVX polish. It almost looks leather like!

I am such a huge fan of LVX. Their packaging is great, the application is flawless, and the quality of the polish is impeccable. 

LVX can be purchased online at and you will also find lists of stockists that can provide international shipping.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

LaCC Fall/Winter Collection Part 2

The next 6 polishes from the La Couleur Couture (or LaCC) Fall/Winter collection are absolutely perfect for any holiday party you are planning to attend. Some have shimmer and glitter, different from any previous polishes by LaCC. LaCC products can be purchased at:

First up is 1988, a taupe-brown nude which provides a classic look, without being boring. This is 2 coats with no top coat.

Next is 1998, a dark espresso brown with green undertones and gold shimmer through out. This one is gorgeous in real life.

Then we have 1979, a beautiful royal blue with pinkish shimmer glitter. The glitter is subtle but provides added dimension to this polish.

This is 1974, a stunning navy polish with shimmer through out. I've been looking for a beautiful sapphire blue for my birthstone and I found it with this. I absolutely love the sparkle in this one.

Next is 1966, a dark teal with shimmer. It is also shining, shimmering, splendid. This would be so pretty in a peacock feather themed mani!

And last but certainly not least is 1999 and when you wear this, you will definitely want to party like it's 1999. A black polish with gold and silver micro glitter, this polish provides amazing coverage in one coat.
I'm wearing 1999 right now. Here's a sneak peek to my mani which hasn't been featured on my Instagram account yet.

I am a huge fan of the quality of these polishes. Not only are they non-toxic, vegan friendly, and breathable, they are beautiful!!

They can be purchased directly from LaCC's website if you live in Canada or the US or internationally from their online stockists. I found out recently that they can also be purchased at some local nutrition/vegetarian/health food stores. Visit for more details! You will not be disappointed in these high quality polishes!

LaCC Fall/Winter Collection Part 1

Good Sunday morning to you!

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than swatching a bunch of beautiful, luxurious polishes? I'm lucky to bring you one of the most sought after new brands, La Couleur Couture or LaCC for short.

This passage is taken from LaCC's website

Headquartered in Vancouver and manufactured in New York, la couleur couture is devoted to providing you the highest quality nail lacquers that are cruelty free, and without the use of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Vegan, breathable,  gluten and paraben free, our products are made without  formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, camphor and toluene. More information on LaCC products can be found here: LaCC Beauty
I have other colours by LaCC and found that the quality is immaculate. They are chip resistant and I find that they last longer than common brands like OPI and Essie. They have a wider, flat brush to allow for easy application, which is especially helpful when applying dark colours that are unforgiving when they get on your cuticles.
The colours for Fall and Winter are darker and rich in saturation. Many of them apply well with full coverage in just one coat. They are very smooth so when applying them, you do not need much on your brush. All swatches today were done with 2 coats and no top coat.
I will split up the review into 2 parts to maximize picture quality. The first set are the red-purple shades of the group.

The first colour I'll show you up close is 1981, a peachy nude creme. 

Next is 1940, a dark blood red, perfect for winter. It is so vampy and a great alternative to black.

Then we have 1941, a ruby red with burgundy undertones. This applied so well.

This next one is 1970, a dark burgundy purple. Amazing coverage with one coat.

Next up is 1971, a royal purple shade, which is dark enough that it almost appears black.

Then we have one of my favourites of the bunch, because it is a colour I've always wanted but haven't been able to find. This is 1973, a warm eggplant purple with redish undertones.

Click on the next post for the other 6 beautiful shades from the collection! Hint, there's shimmer!!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Lancôme Holiday 2013 Collection

Good day lovelies!  

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, I've been seeing different manicures featuring Christmas designs. I wanted to share with you some polishes that are pretty and classy for your holiday parties. 

These 3 polishes are featured in Lancôme's holiday collection: Cristal Quartz, Etincelle De Neige, and Etincelle D'Argent.

Cristal Quartz is a glossy top coat that adds shine to any mani. Lancôme Vernis in Love polishes are fade resistant and provide high gloss shine.

Étincelle De Neige (which translates to Snow Spark) is a gorgeous white textured polish with micro white and holographic glitter. Without top coat, the polish leaves a slightly rough sandy texture. It is so sparkly and is so pretty for a snow manicure.

Étincelle D'Argent (which translates to Silver Spark) is another textured polish made of a clear base with lots of silver and holographic micro glitter. It is a slightly darker silver but still very sparkly. This would be awesome for a new year's mani!

I love that these polishes are textured. It's a bit of a departure from typical Lancôme polishes, which are normally creamy and glossy. I love this change because they are perfect for the holiday season. Visit for more information their luxurious make up products.